Your Seamless Flooring Specialist

Why seamless flooring?

Seamless flooring is installed where a durable, decorative finish is required. There are no grout lines to catch dirt and it may be coved up walls. It may be hosed, scrubbed or pressure cleaned making it suitable for wet areas.

How thick is it?

The dried film thickness is approximately 1mm. At this thickness it will not change floor levels. The two pack epoxy finishes are amongst the most durable types of coatings available.

How durable is the flooring?

In light to medium duty traffic areas (domestic garages, showrooms etc) the life expectancy is greater than 10 years. In high traffic areas life expectancy is from 3 to 5 years but may be extended with re-glazing.

Is it slippery?

The system has teen tested and determined to be slip resistant as a dry surface. However in areas that are considered wet or greasy, an effective non-slip finish can be achieved by adding graded hard wearing grits to the seal coats. Different non-slip finishes can be achieved for different conditions by manipulating the amount dispersed or varying the coarseness of the material applied.

Are there any toxic emissions?

Certain product meets the standards set by the USEPA & NHMRC for indoor air quality.

How long to install?

Typical installation cycle from preparation to finish coat is 4 days.

How long to cure?

Substantial cure is achieved within 3 days of finish coat application. Light foot traffic is permissible within 24 hours. Please allow 7 days for vehicular traffic.

Is it suitable for do-it-yourself?

We do not recommend do it yourself as a successful finish can only be assured by using an experienced applicator with the proper equipment & materials to prepare the substrate & achieve the desired finish.

Is it expensive to maintain?

Seamless flooring has been proven to be one of the lowest cost floor materials available when one considers the whole installation, life expectancy, maintenance & removal cycle.

Can it be repaired?

Seamless floors are easily repaired with matching colours and materials. Depending on the age of the floor and the availability of colours, there may be slight variations between new & old work.

Are there different flake sizes?

Seamless floors are typically composed of random sized flakes that adds interest to large areas. Smaller flakes are available upon request.

Flakes come in random sizes