Seamless and Decorative Flooring

Information and Tips for Cleaning

Varie Coat seamless flooring will respond to either light or vigorous cleaning depending on how the area is used.


Typical Areas

Preschools, classrooms, laboratories, canteens, pool amenities and amenities blocks.


As required

Apply a liberal amount of cleaning solution to floor areas and agitate with a manual scrubbing brush or mechanical if needed and hose down or Vacuum excess while the dirt is still suspended in the solution. Once removed vacuum excess clean water or squeegee excess from surface.



Sweep or vacuum dirt or dust.

Mop or hose as required.

Seamless floors have good resistance to tyre marking, petrol, oils and grease contamination. Wipe spills with a rag or paper towel and rinse spot with detergent cleaning solution. Rubber markings from shoes or tyres can be removed by dry rubbing with a clean rag.
Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners (Ajax) and bleaches. Methylated spirits may be used to remove stubborn marks. Use a clean rag to avoid smudging and use chemicals sparingly.

Cleaning is easy and efficient as the floor is seamless.